What is Best Time of The Year to Transfer Trees?

What is Best Time of The Year to Transfer Trees

The best time to transfer trees depends on the type of tree. Some species will react well to fall transplanting, while others will not. Some of the species that respond poorly to fall transplanting include oaks, magnolias, poplars, and willows. For more information on the best time of year to transfer a tree, see our FAQs page. If you’re unsure of what season is right for your tree, read on.

The best time to transfer a tree is late fall or early spring. However, a late summer transplant is okay too. The heat will stress the plants. Regardless of the weather, be sure to talk to your local nursery or a tree care company for advice. You can also visit a local extension office to ask their recommendations. If you’re not sure, check with a tree care professional or arborist for advice.

When Should I Transfer Trees? If you’re moving an existing tree, the best time is late summer or early fall. If you’re transplanting an evergreen tree, spring is best, since the leaves and roots have had time to set and grow. As a general rule, avoid transplanting your tree during the hottest parts of the year as heat and humidity can stress them out. If you’re not sure, consult with your local nursery or agriculture college for more information.

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