Reasons Stump Grinding is Necessary

Reasons Stump Grinding is Necessary

The process of stump grinding may be less invasive than tree removal, but it can be more expensive. This process does not remove the root system, so it may take several months for the stump to decompose. If you have a large tree stump, you’ll likely have to wait until the following year before you can plant it again. If you plan to replant your tree, check for hidden liabilities before you hire a stump grinder.

The process of stump grinding involves using a machine to grind down a tree stump to an inch or two below ground. It can leave a discreet hole in the ground. The wood chips produced after this process will be spread around the area to improve the soil and increase the beauty of the landscape. This is the best way to reduce your tree’s ecological footprint, as the wood chips will absorb nutrients and prevent future growth.

Many people do not want to remove tree stumps. Some customers have requested that the tree not be cut to ground level and use the stump for a table base or plant stand. Even though stumps are unsightly, they can serve an important purpose in a yard. By using a coating or mulch on the stump, it will last for years. However, in some cases, stumps cannot be removed due to aesthetic or structural reasons.

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