What To Expect During Tree Removal

Before the tree removal crew arrives, you should remove any lawn furniture, toys, or other items from the area. It is also essential to consider the surrounding landscape, as falling trees can cause extensive damage to nearby structures and landscapes. The crew will leave a large pile of shavings. You can either dispose of the shavings or use them as mulch for your landscaping. However, it is recommended that you call a tree service to remove trees in dangerous locations, such as electrical power lines or structures.

What To Expect During Tree Removal

A professional tree service will have several vehicles to work on your project, including a big truck and a wood chipper. If you live in a residential area, make sure you clear the area around the tree of parked cars and other obstructions. Additionally, make sure you have an alternate access to the yard, as workers will need to move through the area a lot. If possible, notify neighbors beforehand about the tree removal, as many will ask to come and go during your property’s downtime.

During tree removal, the crew will use several vehicles, including a large truck and a wood chipper. Be sure to make a way to your yard so the workers can access the tree and not have to worry about getting stuck in parked cars or causing traffic problems. You may also have to alert your neighbors about the tree removal, so they can plan accordingly. They may need to remove large branches, so make sure you have an alternative route for them.

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