How To Grow An Olive Tree?

There are a variety of ways to grow an olive tree, and while experts disagree on the most effective method, many follow the same general procedures. The best way to plant an olive tree is to dig a hole about as large as the container it comes in. Take the tree out of the container and examine the roots. Cut or untwist the roots that are circling the trunk. Then, carefully place the tree in the hole. Water it thoroughly before planting.

When planting an olive tree, make sure that the soil is properly prepared. It should be in an area with full sun. Avoid planting it in areas with standing water, as it won’t survive. When digging the hole, dig it so that the top of the root ball is above the soil level. Don’t forget to add organic matter to the hole, as the roots will need this to adjust to the new environment.

Although olive trees grow very well indoors, they are susceptible to sap-sucking insects. Keep an eye out for white waxy eggs on the leaves and apply an insecticidal soap. As the tree grows and produces fruit, its roots may outgrow the pot it is currently in. If this happens, you’ll have to move the tree to a bigger pot. If you live in an area with mild winters, it’s best to move the olive tree into a larger one.

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