What is Illegal Tree Cutting?

Illegal tree cutting is the removal of a tree without a permit. This law allows a person to sue a person who cuts down a tree without a permit. Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 242, section 7 govern the amount of damages a party can receive for illegally cutting a forest. If the person was a trespasser, he can be held liable for three times the assessed value of the trees. To qualify for a lawsuit, the party must have believed that he was not trespassing and had been given permission by the landowner.

What is Illegal Tree Cutting

Many people wonder why they should care about trees. There are many reasons for this. Often it is rural poverty or indigenous people who are forced to cut down the forest. They use the wood from trees for building materials. In addition, illegal tree cutting has caused a revolving door of wood logging, which involves chopping and skidding logs and loading them on trucks. However, it is essential to avoid illegal tree cutting, as it encourages new tree species to grow, as well as sustainably produce timber.

The main reason for illegal tree cutting is rural poverty. Many indigenous communities use the wood for shelter construction. The city of Toronto can fine people up to $1,000 for removing trees without a permit. However, many individuals are not even aware that they can cut trees without a permit. In most cases, it is perfectly legal to cut a tree without a permit, but it is important to follow good arboricultural practices.

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